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Prescribing Information

It is time to modernize pharmaceutical prescribing information used by providers. These labels are exclusively provided to physicians and pharmacists, not patients.

Information provided by the pharmaceutical manufacturer and required by the FDA to healthcare providers describing the safe and effective use of the product. Specifically, these labels are included for physicians and pharmacists and are not labels patients receive on their medicine packages.

Prescribing Information includes technical scientific information, such as the molecular composition of the drug and pharmacokinetic data, intended to assist the prescriber in deciding whether to prescribe the drug.

This information is a bulky paper attachment to the medicine bottle that not only can be outdated for months before updates can be made, but is a wasteful use of paper.

Modernize how prescribing information is conveyed to physicians and pharmacists by leveraging digital platforms to enable real-time prescribing information updates, and eliminating the environmental impact.

Why Electronic Labeling?

Leveraging digital platforms to enable real-time prescribing information updates for pharmacists would improve patient safety, modernize an outdated system, and reduce waste.

Improve Patient



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Patient Safety

Allow prescribing information to be updated in real time to ensure patient safety
Ensure the most updated provider information thereby reducing risk to patient safety
Give patients confidence



U.S. pharmacies using e-prescribing
Reduce unnecessary burden that distracts from serving patients and improving efficiency
Eliminate contradictory healthcare provider information in the delivery of medications and helping providers better serve you


~Hundreds of Billions

Pages of labels printed & distributed each year

45 Pages

Prescribing labels can range in size to this many pages


When prescribing paper label rules were created


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